Mom Boss: Rachel's Kindness Boxes

By Julie Young April 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to teach your little ones about those in need but know they are not old enough to volunteer. Or maybe you can't get to the next kids' event. You find yourself torn. You had this idea before children that you would teach them about different cultures, how to give back and be very involved in helping those in need. Now as a mom, often your only goal is getting your child to take a nap. Rachel of Kind P.O.D.S recognizes that. She grew up with parents who were constantly giving back to the community in Chicago, it was a given. So growing up going along to help out seemed natural but as a parent in these days and times, it seemed like she had to make an effort. She worked as a speech pathologist in her past. When she had her first child she cut back hours. She started a new job and would work at family and kid events. She loved creating projects and interacting in the community. But after her third child and a move to the Lake Norman area, she took a break from working. with three kids three and under. She missed ways to give back but dragging three kids out seemed impossible. She looked for a subscription box that would teach her kids kindness but could not find one. She decided there was a need and she wanted a way to create this subscription box. Rachel feels kids need credit, they want to help too. 

The box in primarily geared towards ages 1-5 but older kids love it too and help out. The box gives kids a way to give back and learn about other cultures. Each box has the following: It comes in a coffee burlap bag, a checklist, a kindness bracelet, one craft that can be returned and will go to those in need, a craft you can keep or giveaway, and a book about kindness written by a person of color. There are also demonstrations on her site on how to make the crafts. The box allows you to work at your own schedule, have all the materials at hand and involve your child. You can pay per each quarterly one at a time or for a year. Learn more about KIND P.O.D.S at