Free Dance Classes in Mooresville & Cornelius

In His Steps is a Non-Profit Offering Dance Classes to Girls of All Ages

By Melissa Llado September 12, 2019

Did someone say free dance classes??

Little Miss has been asking about taking dance classes all summer so I started looking into our options.  There are a ton of fantastic dance companies around the Lake Norman area... but, I was looking for something a bit more modest for my 4-year-old.  Well, the other day I received an email from Miss Donna of In His Steps asking if I could share a fundraiser she has coming up.

Intrigued, I clicked through to see what her non-profit was all about and I was floored that she offers FREE dance classes to girls all across North Carolina.  As a mom of 2, I've come to learn that after-school activity costs add up FAST.  I now appreciate all those classes my mom had me enrolled in as a kid... but I can only imagine how much money she was dishing out every month!  Because, it's not just the cost of the classes, but there's usually an additional cost of a uniform, equipment, pictures, etc.  By the time you add it all up, you've spent hundreds of dollars on an activity your kid has decided they're really just not that into.

Of course, I got Little Miss signed up for In His Steps right away and we attended our first class last night.

I was blown away by how friendly all of the other "dance moms" were... nothing like what I've witnessed on TLC.   The girls are encouraged to really enjoy dance and not worry about being picture-perfect... it's all about having fun and praising Jesus.  The dress code is simple... t-shirts and capris... no expensive shoes as most of the girls just take their shoes off anyway.

If you're wanting to try out dance classes for your kids then I highly recommend checking out In His Steps.


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